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About Us

Eclatic International Pvt. Ltd. is a Private Limited company incorporated under Companies Act 1956 . The present directors cum promoters of the company are Mr. Raj Roop Yadav and his son Mr. Vishant Yadav. Yadav's are in to this business for the last 30 years and have been mainly into wholesale business of fresh fruits and vegetables and dates. For the last 05 years Company is into farming also and grow fresh fruits and vegetables by harmonizing technology with natural and organic means.

The company sells its products across India through its brokers. The company has a strong marketing and distribution network and network of the customers by offering pure Quality products at reasonable price.

How We Work

  • We grow fruits and vegetables on our own on leased orchards and farms.
  • We work closely with growers of fruits and vegetables in various parts of India and control the pre and post-harvest processes to get desired quality.
  • Buy fresh fruits from the importers based in Mumbai and further sell to its customers across the India.


Market and Distribution

  • We are engaged in the wholesale trading of Fruits & vegetables Business to cater the different demand patterns of customers across India. The company has established reliable marketing network in Delhi & NCR and other States through various dealers and distributors.



  • Supply good quality produce at competitive price
  • Assuring good cooperation and close working with suppliers, growers and customers
  • Serve customers up to their expectations
  • Effective and honest working



  • Control over pre and post-harvest processes
  • Close Cooperation with growers and suppliers
  • Experienced team which work closely with suppliers to assure the quality and timely delivery.

Ongoing / Future Projects

  • Use of technology and new methods of cultivation with the organic farming to increase the production and area under organic farming to cater the increasing demands of organic fresh produce of the customers, without compromising the quality.
  • Hydroponic/ Hydro culture and Green house production of vegetables.
  • Frozen Fruits and Vegetables processing plant.